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Certification and legalization

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 10:04 -- scrypta

For the recognition in Bulgaria of a document issued in a foreign country, and the other way round, for a , a document issued Bulgarian document to be recognized in another country, it must be translated and legalized. Legalization of documents in Bulgaria is performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Justice with a special APOSTILLE certificate.

In addition, for a document to be legalized, it needs to have all the stamps and certifications affixed according to the requirements of the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation and the bilateral agreements to which the Republic of Bulgarian is a party.

What is apostille?

Apostille is a certification of a document in the country of issuance. This is a unified method of legalization of public acts and documents to be submitted abroad. The use of apostille was adopted in Bulgaria on 30 April, 2001, when the country became a signatory state to the Hague Convention, signed in the Hague on 5 October, 1961.   



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